We’ve been updating the Facebook group and page, but this page is long overdue for an update. Since August, we’ve met with Douglas Dolan, Executive Director of Bucks County Historical Society and Ed Reidell, Site Administrator of Fonthill, to plan how we can best work with them.

The house is in their plans, but the Fonthill Gates are the priority right now.  The renovation of the gates is currently being funded by the Questers group. It would be great if we could get some more volunteer commitment and/or fundraising donations  underway (or at least promised) for the house to show that it too is worthy of saving and restoration.

In the meantime, we have offered to clean up the grounds around the house and the gates.  We began yesterday by cleaning up some trash, cutting and cleaning up some brush, and removing vines from the house.  Susan cleaned up most of the trash and did most of the cutting, while Val heaved branches to the other side of some large logs/trees and Sara cut and pulled invasive vines from the walls of the house.

We hope to make this a weekly thing to make up for lost time.  It took us a while to schedule today’s clean-up and we’re hoping to have at least a few more before winter pays a visit.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete, sign and date this form VOLUNTEER APPLICATION Bucks Co, scan it, and e-mail it to ereidell AT fonthillmuseum.org.