After weeks with lots of activity and attention to The Little Stone House, the exterior cleaning is complete. Lots of great community feedback about how well it looks now. And that’s not the only change. To help keep it this way, two wireless security cameras were installed to look upon the house, and act as deterrents to those wishing to do it harm again. Big thank you to Fonthill/The Mercer Museum for their commitment to purchase the cameras, and the improvements being made on the Little Stone House.

Tom B of Friends of the Little Stone House, testing the new camera.
The other camera, catching Tom B working on the “After Video”

A complete video documenting the entire process is in post production, and will be posted to social media, as well as this site once it is complete. For now, a brief “Before & After” comparison, to show the dramatic results. Aside from the many volunteers, big thanks also go to ESCA Blast, who graciously donated their equipment and services to the project. Thank you!