September 15, 2018 was a great day for showing the house some community love. 19 people from the community helped out, including members of Telford, PA Boy Scout Troop 14, and Doylestown’s Girl Scouts 21852. All of these people made quick work of clearing back some regrown brush, and tidying up around the house perimeter. It might seem like coming back to pull out new growth and tidying up isn’t much progress, but it shows the community that there is a new respect and care for the house, which will help instill a sense of community pride to keep it neat, and not vandalize. One big positive part of our earlier season efforts: the poison ivy did not grow back! All of us who suffered with rashes after those clearings of a few months back–it was not for naught!

Another positive: this month we noticed very little new trash outside as compared to other clean ups. So maybe our caring for the house is rubbing off on others. Time will tell.

Thank you again to all of our volunteers! Stay with this page, and our Facebook Group for more updates on the status of restoration. Next clean up is October 6th!