The day finally arrived. Earth Day, 2018. On what turned out to be a beautiful Spring day, lots of volunteers came out to help at the main Fonthill Grounds, as well as The Little Stone House. Today’s task was just to cleanup a lot of the weeds and brush and debris that surrounds the house. An important first step to being able to do bigger restoration efforts. Earth Day (April 22, 2018) was a very symbolic day to start this, but there will be more cleanups scheduled throughout the coming months to keep up on it. A lot of hard work this day by many volunteers, some of whom are now recovering from poison ivy exposure. Thanks to all for their efforts!  Below is a short video of the cleanup, with some factoids about the history of The Little Stone House.

Earth Day Clean Up: The Little Stone House in Doylestown, PA from TebWeb on Vimeo.