Web Cameras

In July, 2019, thanks to the support of Fonthill/Mercer Museum to purchase them and monitor them, two wireless cameras were installed at the site by Friends of The Little Stone House volunteers as a hopeful deterrent to future vandalism.

Here are the latest motion captures sent by the cameras.

“Camera 1,” Front
“Camera 2”, Back Left

The cameras are a fairly new product from Reolink. Reasonably priced compact cameras that work over cellular data, and are battery powered that are recharged by a solar panel. A perfect application for being literally in the middle of the woods. The cameras are designed to detect motion, then send back high resolution video clips to a website, while alerting staff. They have night vision for overnight. Using cell data and solar/battery power, it is unfortunately impractical for us to provide full live streaming video at this time, but we can show the latest still image the cameras capture when they detect motion. Aside from security, we suspect the cameras will occasionally record various natural events as well. Below we will post the interesting sights they capture as they work tirelessly to protect the house as well as give people a way to “visit” the house even if they can’t go to it in person.